Quality of Life

In order to reach more goals in the long run, you also learn how to breathe properly, stress management, develop emotional intelligence, depending on how much energy you invest in every task of your daily routine, focusing on the stability of an isometric workout.
It takes dedication, persistence and a full awareness that your body, mind and energy are all connected and need to be trained equally.

Some of the tools we use are respiratory re-education, stress management, organic body techniques that raise energy and vitality and exercises that enhance emotional relaxation and mental concentration.

Listed by topics it makes understanding easier.

This is a proposition for:

  • greater quality of life,
  • civility,
  • good relationships,
  • culture
  • good nutrition,
  • fitness,
  • respiratory re-education,
  • stress management,
  • organic body techniques,
  • muscle tone,
  • flexibility,
  • concentration and meditation,
  • a final goal of self-awareness.


Private Tuition is a convenient alternative for those with less available time or who wish for more privacy. It is the ideal modality for entrepreneurs, executives, politicians, actors, celebrities or anyone who travels frequently.

I can teach personal classes in local or via skype. I can accompany my students on their business or leisure travels.

Classes can be taught in English or Portuguese.



This is a coaching option that can take place at home, in the office or whilst travelling. I help to meet the practitioner’s objectives by choosing a personalised programme of Our Method’s techniques and concepts.