Yôga! What is it?

For those people who have an academic knowledge of Eastern philosophies, there is one accepted definition of Yôga: any strictly practical methodology which leads its practitioners to samádhi.

Therefore, for any method or technique to qualify as Yôga it needs to be both, practical and lead its practitioners to a state of expanded consciousness (samádhi). Any method which teaches non-practical elements or does not have techniques which help the practitioners to attain the specific level of consciousness would not be awarded the distinction of being labeled as Yôga by academics.

And what is it for?

You have probably wondered if yôga is a philosophy of life or just weird eastern gymnastics, right?

Here are some answers from someone who has more than 20 years teaching the subject.

Imagine yourself as having immense potential: to be more intelligent, more agile, stronger and more flexible. To have the power to slow down your aging process, with such strong willpower to live that you could face all challenges with astounding simplicity and ease.

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This is exactly what Yôga can do for you!